Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Diggin' In The Mudd: Princeton And The Great War

Princeton was never secluded from the outside world. In fact, World War I had major effects on many aspects of campus life. This days Princeton tries to be pretty neutral as to politics, not so then. The history and politics department published a credo supporting the war! Read more under the cut.

Published 1917:

Other significations of the war were visible in Princeton publications at the time. In the Princeton 1917 Directory of Living Alumni:
In 1918 Princeton Alumni Weekly, we see the draft as well as special admissions for soldiers, after the war.
This, from Clio published in 1916 (the debate was likely earlier), is interesting- the side against the war won the debate.

Finally, in a 1916 book of Princeton verse:
Poetic, indeed.


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