Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Diggin' In The Mudd: Historical Princeton Poems & Songs

You thought "Old Nassau" captured the spirit of Princeton? How about these songs and poems from pre-1920 Princetonian history? Each provides a different (sometimes amusing) look at Princeton life and spirit!

-Princeton Songbook, pub. 1869

There is an ancient faculty most ancient in renown.
That rules an ancient college built in ye ancient town;
The town is in the inland, far from ye ancient sea.
About the middle of the State of New-Jer-ze.

The town is full of talent, and lager beer saloons
The boys sometimes get "dead broke" and pawn their old spittoons.
But this thing doesn't last long, the reason you shall see—
We always borrow when we're short in New-Jer-ze.

We spend our leisure moments beside ye ancient girls,
All powdered up, and lovely, in chignon and gay curls;
They always smash our hearts, although it strange may be.
The same girls smashed Out fathers' hearts in New-Jer-ze.

-Class of 1872, History Pamphlet

When we look back on the days spent at college,

Over the years that have parted our class—
Years which have deepened and strengthened our knowledge,

Deepened the furrows of life where they pass—
Then we shall linger with dear recollections

Over the scenes of our old college days,
Over our longings, our deeds, our reflections,

Over our friendships, our sports and our lays.

Cheer again ! Cheer again !
Till the echoes are borne far and wide,
Let the praises of Nassau abide.

Cheer again ! Cheer again !

-Nassau Literary Magazine, April 1890

-Published "Princeton Verse", 1904

-John Russell Hayes, Collected Poems pub. 1916


Anonymous said...

you forgot "Getting Back At Nassau Hall". :P