Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ad attacking Whitman '77 released

With 75 days before the Republican primary election in California, one group is trying to prevent Meg Whitman ’77 from winning her bid for governor by going viral with a negative ad. In fact, their goal rings clear through their name alone, which is officially: Level the Playing Field 2010 Against Billionaire Meg Whitman for Governor, a Coalition of Nurses, Faculty and Painters Organizations (LTPF).

An ad dubbed “Meg-a-tar” portrays a caricaturized animation of Whitman as a gubernatorial candidate who will “take California for a ride” with her “buy it now” button. LTPF’s take on Whitman comes after reports claim that Whitman spent twice as much on jet fuel as Democratic rival, Jerry Brown spent on his entire campaign.

This ad comes as recent polls show Whitman tied with Brown in the governor’s race.

Watch the video after the jump.

By Jilly Chen, contributor for News


Anonymous said...

This ad is lame and will backfire, people won’t buy this crap. Whitman for governor!