Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Harold McGraw Jr. '40 passes away

Harold McGraw Jr. '40, former CEO of McGraw-Hill, passed away earlier today. In addition to working at McGraw-Hill, which his grandfather founded in 1917, he also served as president of the Princeton University Press.

Many on campus may recognize McGraw's name because he endowed the McGraw Center (named in his honor) with a $5 million donation in 1998. The Center was established the following year.

The obituary released today notes other gifts he gave to the University, including "funds for editing Albert Einstein's papers by Princeton University Press as well as the McGraw Distinguished Visiting Professors writing course." The course was established by a donation in 1984. The current McGraw Professor of Writing is Paul Salopek.

You can read more about McGraw and the establishment of the McGraw Center here.

By Aaron Hosios, editor for Blogs


Anonymous said...

good bye and good luck, bub.