Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All Around the Ivies- A Free Verse Poem

By Sohee Khim '14

Dartmouth’s Psi Upsilon fraternity has been charged with a felony for serving alcohol to a minor. Under New Hampshire law, Greek organizations are considered to be corporations—they up to $100,000 in fines.

Cornell’s early applicants for the class of 2015 have decreased by slightly less than 4%, breaking the upwards trend.

According to a poll conducted on Brown's campus, 84.1% of students had consumed alcohol and 41.8% of students had tried pot in the last semester.

Smoking is now banned within 20 feet of any university building at Columbia, a compromise from the original resolution that called for a 50-foot ban, and for many senators who supported a full ban.

Yale will be replacing their international studies major with the global affairs major, with a “focus on policy-making and practical experience” which, unlike the old international studies major, will be allowed to stand alone (currently, the international studies major can only be completed as a second major).

For the first time, students at UPenn will not have to constantly log on to Penn InTouch, their version of SCORE over winter break to check grades, but instead will receive them by email. The service is being provided after the undergraduate body unanimously voted to pass a resolution urging the university to institute such a service.

Human developmental and Regenerative Biology, a concentration implemented fall of 2009, is one of the more popular biology majors offered at Harvard, with 95 sophomores and juniors. Biomedical Engineering, introduced this past fall, is less popular with just 13 sophomores.Type rest of the post here

And Princeton is absolutely perfect in every way.


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