Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Professors Blame it on the A a a a a alcohol

Personally, I'm all for shooting a few back with my professors. Nothing like a round of Bacardi 151 to take the edge off grade deflation. But Jacques Berlinerblau, associate professor of biblical studies at Georgetown University, stands between Professor West and my game of flip cup. On Dec. 5, Berlinerblau wrote a helpful blurb for the Chronicle of Higher Education, absolutely not based on personal experiences, outlining the dos and donts of professorial drunkenness. He warns his colleagues:

"Students are better at this game than you are. Getting Professor X to do vodka shots will be an awesome, transformative, even educational, experience for them. For you, it will be the single most humiliating experience of your career. And if you disregard my advice, rest assured that picture of you holding a red plastic cup in one hand and a copy of Kingsley Amis’ Lucky Jim (upside down) will be posted to YouTube."

Berlinerblau suggests that professors refrain from drinking with their own graduate students, although randos they might meet at the zoo are fine. Also, when possible, drink heavily at other universities rather than your own. But seriously, professors, how do you want to be remembered by your students? The guy who made each two hundred person lecture for thirty years buy his book from which he assigned a 10 page long reading, or the super fun professor who drank beer before liquor before grading a paper?

-The Blogstress