Wednesday, December 8, 2010

As Long As It's Sustainable...

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Happy almost Thursday, go kill some puppies in bio-degradable bags! It's not being mean, it's being green.

-The Blogstress


Anonymous said...

Actually, drowning puppies in a plastic bag is OK too, if the bag is seeing at least it's third use. The Energy Research Group (ERG), a non-profit, unaffiliated partnership of sustainability scientists, notes that if you take into account the energy used to make paper, plastic, and re-usable hemp-weave bags, the plastic bags overtake the others after two re-uses due to the differential in energy and energy opportunity costs involved in bag generation. I've been using my plastic bags three times for a year now, either as laundrybag-gymbag-trashbag, or as trashbag-trashbag-poncho. Since the poncho is worn in the rain, it's self-cleaning! But now, I can go trashbag-laundrybag-trashbag-puppybag! A four-use bag! So much greener than paper trashbags, which typically only go trashbag-toiletpaper.