Friday, December 17, 2010

Guilty Pleasures Around Campus

By Morgan Jerkins '14

Since this is the time of the year where one reflects on blessings, I began to think about all the pleasant things that Princeton offers. We have the Writing Center to help us refine our papers, the McGraw Center for academic workshops, and language tables for, you guessed it---foreign language practice. But there are a few guilty pleasures about Princeton that I am more than thankful for:

1. Quesadillas w/ Chipotle Sauce at Late Meal: I know this is going to make myself look like a glutton, but the quesadillas at late meal are out of this world! I admit, I don’t really go to late meal as much as I should. But the times that I do go, I realize that late meal has some sort of inexplicable energy that I can’t find in dining halls. One evening, I wanted to try something different than the sushi or mac & cheese that I usually purchase. I ordered the chicken quesadillas. I told the chef that I wanted sour cream and salsa on the side, but instead she gave me sour cream and chipotle. I figured I’d be daring and dipped the tip of my quesadilla in the chipotle. I swear, I thought there was an explosion going on in my mouth! Even though I’ve lived in New Jersey all my life, I’ve never tried chipotle sauce. So folks, please, even if you are ever running over time on a chem lab or plugging in the hours on a paper, please go buy the quesadillas with chipotle sauce. It is good for the soul.

2. Study Breaks: Every single day there is a study break from Thai food to frozen yogurt to Korean food and much, much, more. Perhaps I am so excited because I am only a freshman but when I talk to friends from other schools, they are green with envy about this generosity. Not only can you fill your stomach but you can also mingle with people that you may not have seen all day—or all week.

3. Princeton Men—Sorry, I had to do it. Even though it has only been two months since my debut blog post, I have matured a bit since then. Patience has taught me a lesson. Now, Princeton dating may get a lot of flack because some guys are considered “cold”, “socially awkward,” “[fill-in-the-blank]”, but I made one great observation during a formal party recently: Princeton men can really work suits. In fact, they can work just about anything. College reviews underrate Princeton guys and paint a picture of homely nerds who are completely detached from reality. Regardless, I am appreciative and grateful.