Thursday, December 9, 2010

Columbia Drug Bust

By Caleb Kennedy '14

Five Columbia students were recently busted by the NYPD for allegedly running a drug ring on campus. The narcotics task force that brought them down, entitled Operation: Ivy League, alleges that the frat boys sold undercover authorities $11,000 worth of marijuana, cocaine, Aderall, and LSD. Chris Coles, Harrison David, Adam Klein, and Jose Stephan Perez are all 20. Michael Wymbs is 22. Authorities say these deals went down at the Columbia fraternities Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Psi Upsilon. Their specialty was LSD painted onto Altoids and SweetTarts.

The five were arrested this morning for possession of half a pound of marijuana and $2,000 in cash. NYPD also arrested five of the dealer’s alleged suppliers, one of whom allegedly plotted to kidnap and torture rival cocaine dealers.

In response to the drug raid, one Columbia fraternity has updated a posting of their agenda to include "Don't sell drugs out of the frat house,” with a note attached adding, "Adam should have followed this rule."

This comes following the October bust of two 18 year Georgetown students for allegedly attempting to create a meth lab in their freshman dorm and distribute the drugs. Authorities said they found such items as dry ice, ammonia, lighter fluid, and a turkey baster in the room and described the scene as "potentially highly flammable and explosive."


Anonymous said...

The Colombia-Columbia connection!

David said...

The students at Georgetown were operating a lab for making DMT, a powerful psychedlic/hallucinogen....not meth.

...just a correction

Anonymous said...

One said that he sold drugs to afford the Columbia tuition. This is why you go to Princeton, which has the best financial aid in the world. OLAG