Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear Santa...Love, Princeton

By Kelsey Zimmerman '13

The holiday commercials seem to have started exceptionally early this year. Days before Thanksgiving, cars tied in giant red bows and Santas graced the commercials on primteime television. Several radio stations started playing Christmas songs the day before Thanksgiving. Of course, it would be remiss to mention Starbucks, as it’s been all holida-fied since the beginning of November.

All these reoccurring reminders of the holidays started me thinking about the gifts I’m purchasing for family and friends in the next couple of weeks. Then I started wondering-if Princeton could have wish list for what it wants for the holidays, what would be on it? It might go something like this…

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a very good University this year. I’ve been focused on educating the 5,000 odd students here and have done a darn good job on it! Here is my wish list for this year…
Air-conditioning for the dorms- the students have already have enough to worry about without living in hot, stuffy dorms during warmer months.
A new gym- Dillon is small, cramped, and smelly. A renovation of the entire building would not be remiss and maybe add in a couple of those cardio machines with personal TVs.
More coffee shops- the ones on Nassau Street are overcrowded already. Let’s put one in every dorm!
Segways for all the students- walking takes too long and bikes require too much physical exertion. This is a much cooler and more convenient way to get to classes!
A dining hall for the squirrels- this way, they would stop getting in everyone’s way on the sidewalks and road while searching for food!


Princeton University- your fav Ivy!