Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tears Save Jane, Who Is Top 4 on ANTM

By Morgan Jerkins '14

During this week’s episode of “America’s Next Top Model," the five remaining contestants, one of whom is junior Jane Randall, did not have to strut down the usual runway but rather through the streets of Milan. And by strutting, I mean walking quickly yet stylishly. For the first assignment, the contestants had to make four appointments at different fashion houses---with one of them being the iconic Versace—and report back to the modeling agency by 6:30 pm or risk disqualification.Jane decided to pair up with Chris for the mini-competition. At their auditions for Versace, one of the executive directors said that Jane needed to work on her walk because it was not very good. Jane and Chris were far ahead of Chelsey and Kayla until a bone popped in Chris’s foot and she had to slow down. Because of this sudden impairment, the twosome lost the challenge. Now, Milan is a beacon of art for the international jet-set so the main challenge was to pose like statues with male models.

After Jay Manuel’s persistent questions as to why Jane could not show more passion and expression, our beloved tiger crumbled under the pressure and began to cry. But in the midst of this disillusionment, a glimmer of hope appeared. Jay Manuel was delighted to see Jane show raw emotion. At deliberations, Nigel Barker along with Andre Leon Talley and guest judge, Kyle Hagler, all agreed that Jane was too stiff, cold, and detached from actual emotion. When they questioned Jane about her performance, she broke down and like Jay Manuel, the judges were happy to see some emotion from her. Ultimately, her tears made her a “human being,” according to Tyra, and those tears proved to be her saving grace. Though she was in the bottom two, she was saved while Chris was eliminated. Until next time!


Anonymous said...

go jaa-aa-ne go go go jaa-aane I BELEIVE YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING

Anonymous said...

As opposed to what? lol!