Thursday, November 11, 2010

Send the President a CoalBama CoalGram for Christmas

By Jenna McCarthy '13

Getting a lump of coal for Christmas is no longer just a joke – a Chicago-based company has made it possible for anyone to order online and send a “holiday packaged coal gift” personalized with your own message. provides coal-based gag gifts and donates 15% of each sale to charity, so everyone can feel better about themselves by giving coal!

The original CoalGram is simply a piece of coal in a jewelry box, but you can also choose a Stocking Surprise CoalGram or Snowman Pouch Coal Gram.

Not sure if your family or friends would enjoy it? How about President Obama or a member of Congress? You can send a special lump to any political figure you desire. And don’t worry about the repercussions – CoalBama CoalGrams ship anonymously and for free.
To make things even better, the CoalBama CoalGram is only $10! It even comes with a patriotic ribbon.

The co-founder of CoalGram, David Barnes, said that they’ve made it easy for everyone to choose any congressman on their website. “I’m sure there will be no shortage of coal on its way to Washington D.C. this year, especially to Obama at the White House.”

So if you’re feeling upset about mid-term elections, don’t worry. You can always seek revenge on politicians through!


Anonymous said...

Just wondering: why is this anti-Obama crap on the Daily Prince blog?