Sunday, November 7, 2010

E-Quad Produces the Big Earners

By Jilly Chen '13

A recent study conducted by The Wall Street Journal found that undergraduates with engineering degrees earn higher starting salaries compared to some of their liberal-arts counterparts.

Starting salaries for our E-quad friends averaged $56,000 while communications and English majors averaged $34,000. Even economics majors, those with the highest paying liberal-arts degree, earned $14,000 less on average compared to starting engineers. This data was collected over ten years, through surveys administered by, as part of The Wall Street Journal Paths to Professions project.

While the discrepancies grow less pronounced as graduates advance their careers, engineering majors still maintain an advantage, even in typical liberal-arts "hotbed" areas. Such data appears to have influenced an increase in students declaring as engineers, according to the study. On campus, traffic statistics from "the other side" of Washington Rd. could potentially verify the findings.


Anonymous said...

I'm a LibArts major (history) and I can assure you I'll make more money than any of those socially retarded engineering geeks. I do half as much work, I have twice as much fun and I'll probably make ten times as much money. So have fun with your measly 56k starting salary.

But really, why should I even give a fuck? It's not like I need the money anyway.

Anonymous said...

Old Money from PrincetonFML, is that you?