Friday, November 19, 2010

Jaguar vs. Anaconda, a Deadly Fight, a Princeton Metaphor?

As Princeton students, we face many challenges, most in the form of exotic wild predators. If you haven't run over an anaconda on your bike at least once on your way to class, I don't know how you do it. However, rather than complain about this wild snake infestation, we should take a leaf out of this jaguar's book and grab the anaconda by the throat. Also, if we start to view all of our problems in serpentine form, they become manageable. As felines, this is how we should handle everything, from vicious problem sets to preceptors who are under the impression that precept lasts an hour rather than 50 minutes.

-The Blogstress

ps- Note how the anaconda drags the jaguar into the water to give itself the terrain advantage. The jaguar eventually manages to pull the anaconda back onto land. An important lesson can be learned from this. Never let a problem set lead you into water. Even if it drags you there at first, insist on finishing it on the shore.


Anonymous said...

And if your natural habitat is the water? If you're, for example, on the crew team? Do you drag that darn jaguar back to the boat and beat them with an oar?