Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Demand a Remodel!

By Morgan Jerkins '14

On this week’s episode of American’s Next Top Model, stoic Jane Randall ’12, one of the final four contestants, was determined to show her human side. Her goal was put to the test when Miss Jay sent the remaining contestants to Barbara Terrinoni, an acting coach. Now why, do you ask, should aspiring models learn how to act? Well, apparently, a model’s life is one big stage, aside from runways and platforms. A model has to adopt a persona and sharpen their personality skills in to land the big gigs. After this workshop, these ladies arrive at Vogue Italia headquarters to meet the magazine’s legendary editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzani.Sozzani believes that Jane is an attractive woman but lacks character in the face. Can this girl ever catch a break? Despite Jane attempting to impress Sozzani the best that she could, Chelsey won that particular challenge and brought Kayla along with her for a private viewing of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”.

For the next assignment, the girls went to Verona and were prompted to be dressed in the finest couture gowns for their photo shoots with Tyra, who was making her directorial debut. Ideally, Tyra wanted extreme sexuality and ultimately was dazzled by Jane’s change in character!

At the panel, Nigel commented that Jane was “less fluid” and Andre Leon Talley thought that Jane was censoring herself as if she were too restrained in her photos. As the judges were deliberating, Tyra argued on Jane’s behalf and said that Jane had a “million-dollar face.” Who would have thought Tyra would have hopped so far on board with the tiger in the end?

However, Talley still did not believe Jane was expressive in her shots. Two women were eliminated……and sadly, Jane was sent home. I guess if we learn one important thing from this experience, it’s that we should invite Talley rather than Tyra to support us during bicker discussions. But back to Jane. Although disappointed, she was proud of herself and her dreams of modeling still carry on. That’s the spirit!