Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grocery Store Turnover

One grocery closes as another opens.

The closest grocery store to campus --- Olive May, on Nassau Street --- has just gone out of business. The Princeton Packet reported on Friday that store has closed and the store contents will be auctioned off September 23 as part of bankruptcy proceedings.
Zahid Abro, the former general manager of the Olive May in Princeton attributed the closure to high costs and the poor economy.

Two days after the auction, a new grocery store will be joining the Princeton community. Trader Joe's will be opening a new store on Route 1 on Sept. 25 with a lei cutting ceremony, the Packet reported. For those who have shopped at other Trader Joe's stores, be warned: The Princeton store will not sell alcohol. / CC BY-ND 2.0


Anonymous said...

good riddance

Anonymous said...

There is a nice grocery store at the Princeton Shopping Center called McCaffrey's. It's about 3/4th of a mile from PU. NJ TRANSIT bus-#605 or #606 bus 1 stop. Worth the trip. This shop cnt is peaceful with lots of stores & services for errands.

Anonymous said...

The only problem with McCaffrey's is that they are apparently really vicious with their employees. The have fired numerous employees for union organizing and other workers' rights activities, allegedly replacing them in some instances with undocumented illegal aliens in order to insure a more compliant work force. Just something to keep in mind.

Khürt Williams said...

The Princeton opening was a big fail. I am glad I did not go there to pickup lunch as I originally planned and waited until after lunch. Checkout lines were 20 minutes or more. They ran out of shopping carts and baskets. They sell NO wine!
I took a friend from work who had never been to a TJ and his question was “What’t the big deal?”. With the Wholefoods on the other side of Route 1 and Wegman’s just down the street he may have a point.
No WINE???!!!! I guess I’ll have to ask my other co-worker to stop at Westfield on his way down from Morristown.