Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Number of flu-like cases rise to 80

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There are currently 80 self-reported ILI (influenza-like illnesses) cases at Princeton University among undergraduate and graduate students. Last Thursday, the Prince reported that there were 34 cases.

In the period of one day (September 21-22), UHS identified 16 new cases of flu-like illness, bringing the total number of cases of flu-like illness from August 30 to September 22 to 80.

"The cases have been generally mild and most of these people have recovered and are no longer ill," University spokeswoman Emily Aronson said.

Aronson added that the figures were consistent with those of other college campuses when students return to campus and that the increase was anticipated.

"We're aware that other schools have reported a continued increase in the number of cases of flu-like illness after students returned to campus, so while we continue to prepare for further cases of flu-like illness, our hope is that the University's ongoing planning and communications efforts will help reduce the spread of illness," she said.

As of September 14th, the American College Health Association (ACHA) reported that a total of 6,432 new ILI cases were discovered and 83 percent of the 253 colleges and universities reported new ILI cases, compared to 72 percent the prior week. Princeton is a participating university in the ACHA ILI surveillance network.

--Tasnim Shamma '11


RM said...

Emily Aronson? What happened to Cass Cliatt?

Daily Princetonian Web Staff said...

Cass Cliatt '96 is still working for the University and holds the position of Director of Media Relations. Emily Aronson works with Cliatt in Communications.