Friday, September 4, 2009

Recession forces McCarter to make cuts

The economic downturn has forced McCarter Theatre to cut its budget by five percent and eliminate three positions, the Princeton Packet reported on Thursday afternoon.

The theatre began the new fiscal year on July 1 with a $11.3 million budget, roughly $590,000 less than last year. The budget includes funding for five fewer positions, Managing Director Timothy Shields told the paper. Three of those positions had become vacant and were never filled, while two employees were let go.

McCarter also instituted salary freezes for all remaining employees and cut its marketing and travel budgets.


celticfury said...

of course. cut the budget for the arts. where are the goddamned budget cuts for the football and basketball teams?

Anonymous said...

Your comment is ignorant and uninformed. McCarter Theater is not a part of nor funded by Princeton University. I imagine in the spirit of town-gown, the U donates some money to McCarter each year, but beyond that, the theater is independent.

Waco said...


The next time a theater program brings in the kind of money that a football program brings in, let me know.

celticfury said...

please forgive me.
of course, yeah tigers :P