Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Woes of Wilson

After joining Wilson College last year, I quickly found that a great way to start conversations with awkward, fellow freshmen Wilson-ites is to complain. Whether it be about our food, ugly dorms, or inferior sweatshirts, we’re really good at making it sound as if our lives are just SO unfair.

This year I was pleasantly surprised to find with the opening of the new Wilcox dining hall I could scratch one thing off that list of grievances. But wait…not so fast. We expert whiners have found something new to complain about: the crowds at Wilcox. The other day it took me 15 minutes waiting in lines at the servery just to get lunch, and seats at meals have been scarce. Let’s be realistic here: I know that unless you’re an athlete and didn’t want to make the trip to your respective dining hall after sports practice or you live in Wilson, you certainly did not eat at Wilcox last year. In fact, I know you loved to tell me repeatedly how terrible Wilcox food was (I know, I know so did I). So what are you doing here now?

Another thing my friends and I loved to complain about last year was College Night at Whitman, Tuesday nights when only Whitman residents were allowed to eat in the dining hall. I recall my suitemate once saying to me, “It’s not fair they got placed in the nicer college and get special treatment continuously. It’s so pretentious!” Now, however, my suitemates and I desperately want to see a Wilson College Night instituted as quickly as possible. Apparently, we wilson-ites also love to contradict ourselves.

We had to eat in a big, white circus tent last year, so now we deserve to enjoy our dining hall in peace. Get out now!


Anonymous said...

Oh, the tent..... The infamous tent.

We might complain, but we still get placed in unfair situations! Our new dining hall is pristine and beautiful, and unless you were a true believer and came here last year, stop crowding up the lines!!

Anonymous said...

People, you're the ones who made us eat on the floor at Whitman last year. You have absolutely no right to complain now!

Anonymous said...

When Butler's new dining hall opened it was the big crowdpleaser for a couple years, and as Wilsonites my roommates and I often ate there when not raiding Forbes, the CJL, Stevenson ... anywhere but boring, hideous Wilcox.

Interesting to see the foodies now paying homage to Wilson! Probably hasn't seen this much action since Wilcox opened with what was then a very mod lounge and dining area.

Anonymous said...

i agree wilson college night can only eat at the new wilcox as many times as you ate at the old wilcox last year. Ye faithful shall be rewarded. As to the obvious Whitman student who left the comment on the 28th, everyone has gotten stuck eating on the floor/window at some point in whitman. WHITMAN DOESN"T GET TO COMPLAIN you have the best living situation, room controlled air and heating, big rooms, gorgeous building, great dining hall, freaking NORTHFACE jackets this year, your own olympics, and huge gorgeous courtyards and grassy hills. Spoiled little brats. I completely agree with chloe.

Anonymous said...

Just be glad you don't live in Forbes. Awful addition rooms, small food selection, grossly overcrowded Sunday brunches, no food at all on Saturdays, and a truly off campus location.

thanbo said...

Or you could be '85 Hosed.

Living as the class crushed by the bleeding edge of the CURL plan (the 5 2-year Colleges implementation).

Among other things, Holder used to be a junior dorm, but just when they thought they would move into it, blam, it's assigned to Rocky.

Edwards was a nice senior dorm, but in '84-85, it was renovated to its current state, so it was unavailable, and a lot of upperclassmen found themselves doubling up for at least half the year.

There were other things, but I forgot them, you'd have to find someone from '85 to remember them.

Everybody has it bad, whenever you go to school. And then you look back and realize, hey, it was pretty good for the most part.

Although, I understand, it just doesn't feel like that when you're waiting on a line back to the mailboxes at Wu, only to squeeze through the serving area with too-narrow aisles. That was when "Butler's new dining hall" opened; I think they moved the salad bar out into the main room, which makes the serving area quite roomy, although it displaced some tables.

thanbo '87