Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hot Off the Press: A Look at Some of This Tuesday’s New Albums

Some of us get so entangled in the chaotic web of the orange bubble that we start mixing metaphors and we can’t even stop for a second to hear the new music being produced in the real world. So how about I do a little of the work for you?

Tuesdays are typically big days for new music, so here are a few noteworthy albums being released today, along with a quick synopsis of what some music reviewers have to say about them (apologies to hardcore Mariah Carey and Barbara Streisand fans; I know those divas also released albums today, but, well….sorry):

1. Zero 7 – Yeah Ghost

Some describers: mellow but catchy, experimental, swoon-worthy vocals, varied tempos, makes-you-wanna-move, echo-heavy

Most popular song from the album on iTunes as of right now: “Swing”

What Antiquiet.com has to say: (4/5 stars)

While a few songs remind us of the atmospheric, chill-out music we have heard from Zero 7 in the past (such as their song “In the Waiting Line” from the much-hailed Garden State soundtrack), the band mixes things up on this new album. Songs like “Mr. McGee” do more than just make you want to nod your head—they make you wanna legit shake it. Guest vocalists like Eska Mtungwazi, Martha Tilston, and Rowdy Superstar spice things us as well. Some could criticize the album for its incoherence, but it still maintains an identity throughout and for that, Antiquiet salutes it.

2. The Avett Brothers – I and Love and You

Some describers: North Carolinian, folky vocals with plenty of harmonization, heavily acoustic, laid-back, heartfelt

Most popular song from the album on iTunes as of right now: “I and Love and You”
Paste Magazine says: (96/100 or “Phenomenal”)
The Avett Brothers, after having hovered in the shadows for a while, are at last entering the spotlight with this major label debut. According to Paste, this record is “not just a stab at the mainstream—it’s a harpoon through its sternum.” …In a good way. Epic, lyrically powerful ballads dominate the album, and the name Avett is sure to become familiar to
many more music lovers once they hear I and Love and You.

3. Paramore – Brand New Eyes

Some describers
: emo, pop-punky, tough-girl vocals, good-to-exercise-to

Most popular song from the album on iTunes as of right now: “Careful”

Rolling Stone says: 3/5 stars – Paramore seems to have lost some of its appealing angsty naivete that was evident on 2007’s Riot! and has instead put more energy into making a statement with its lyrics and its almost too-sweet songs…for better or for worse. Lead vocalist Hayley Williams still sounds angry though; don’t worry!