Thursday, September 17, 2009

Team Task Force: Eating Clubs

Princeton likes task forces, (as you may have noticed). The most recent subject to be examined in task force format ... eating clubs.

The University announced earlier today in a press release the creation of a 17-member task force --- which will include six undergraduates as well as faculty, staff and alumni --- "to examine whether there are steps that can and should be taken to strengthen those relationships for the mutual benefit of the clubs and the University."

The press release references the current financial situation of the clubs and the University, the expansion of the student body and the recent areas of club-University cooperation as making this an ideal time to work together to improve the club experience for members and "the application process," expand the relationship between non-members and clubs and inter-club cooperation, and better the way the clubs are explained to Princeton applicants.

Task force members are due to be announced in the next few weeks, with task force meetings starting at the beginning of October.