Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ivy League Ghosts

Just in time for Halloween, Princeton has been named the third most beautiful school in the country by a ghost writing company, The Penn Group. Princeton was also third on its list of schools "More Intense Than A Pressure Cooker," third on "Gourmet Cuisine Schools," second on "Schools at Which You Will Become a Snob" and fifth on "Schools at Which to Make Connections."

So why is The Penn Group kindly producing these lists to let future students know that Princeton is beautiful, intense, delicious, snobby and full of networking goodness?

Well, it seems that, in addition to writing your next novel or screenplay, they will also offer a service which "matches applicants up with writing specialists who guide them through every facet of the essay writing process." Don't worry that your specialist could be just anyone, no, it seems they rely on on the finest, Ivy League graduates. Best of all, applicants to the most highly competitive schools can have their essay reviewed by the company's president, who we are assured has helped students get into Princeton.