Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Things Princeton Students Should Stumbleupon

If you haven’t used Stumbleupon, or what is basically the “shuffle” button of the internet, then boy are you missing out. Stumbleupon is a site that takes you to a wide variety of random, awesome, fascinating websites based on your personalized interests (potential topics include anything from psychology, to reggae, to exotic pets, to liberal politics).

Many of the sites I’ve stumbled upon are ones I would not have found otherwise…and some of them could definitely be useful to Princeton students:

Moodstream: Having that 2 a.m. case of writer’s block? Or need a little inspiration to get through a problem set? Moodstream is a brainstorming tool that creates a stream of images and videos with music according to your personalized settings on scales like “happy---sad” and “warm---cool.” Even if it fails to get you in the right mood, well, it’s still fun to play with.

Send Me Something: For the homesick Princetonian who just never seems to get an email from the package room in Frist announcing the arrival of goodies from home, Send Me Something is the solution. After just sending a self-addressed stamped envelope or box to this specific Brooklyn address, the mysterious person on the other end will send you something within two to three weeks. As sketchy as this may sound at first, who doesn’t love a surprise?

Blockposters: Still got some blank ugly walls in your room? Don’t want to spend money? Blockposters lets you upload an image from your computer and turn it into a poster that you create by printing out multiple sheets that contain pieces of the image. Using the Google images advanced search tab to search for “large” images only will help make your finished product less pixilated.



Anonymous said...

omg, this is awesome. thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, +1 to the coder of Blockposters for the "Oldboy" reference--awesome movie.