Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This weekend's UFO films: Rocky Horror, Shaun of the Dead

UFO’s theme of the week: Halloween! That’s right, no recently released movies of debatable quality (cough, 'Transformers,' cough), just two Halloween classics to get the end-of-midterms extravaganza going. First up on Thursday night we’ve got the cult black comedy “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” whose outlandish costume design should show up everyone in the theater — unless that is, you’re into cross-dressing! Then on Friday night the Garden will be screening the British zombie comedy (zom-com? Is that a phrase? Well now it is.) “Shaun of the Dead,” which treads the line between very funny and very gruesome with an amazing dexterity. If you haven’t already left campus, it’s worth seeing; after all, it’s free! And there’s popcorn, too.