Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Popping the Princeton Bubble

Often, I forget that outside of Princeton there remains a place inhabited by people who were just like me before I walked through the Fitz Randolph Gates. I know that this observation is certainly not ground breaking, but I think it can and should be said again. Aren’t we Princetonians supposed to have far reaching insights and experiences into this world beyond the orange bubble? My homepage is set to the New York Times website in hopes that I will be reminded of this world every time I log onto my computer, but only sometimes do I actually scan the site; mostly I quickly click onto Facebook instead.

Let’s keep the conversation simple; putting aside Afghanistan for a second, many of us haven’t been farther down Witherspoon than the Princeton Public Library. When I do venture out onto Nassau Street, I always feel like somewhat of an alien as I realize that people, other than students and faculty really do exist, as well as that non-Princeton events continue to prevail on the outside. But whenever I do go off campus, I’m always slightly relieved and more relaxed, as I am reminded of the fact that Princeton is certainly not the be-all, end-all. This is comforting. Yet, maybe my apparent dilemma isn’t quite so problematic. In reality, that’s what college is for: retreating into a smaller world for 4 years, then coming out of it ready to tackle and to contribute to what’s outside. Whether it’s true or not, I’m going to tell myself this as I hide out, surrounded by the comforts of this wonderful bubble called Princeton.


Anonymous said...

I miss the Princeton bubble. It's nice.

Anonymous said...

i like the title! so true, too. i find the bubble to be inescapable. what's weird is that you don't realize how oblivious you've been to the rest of the world until you leave campus. when you're in the bubble, you've no concept of its existence at all

Anonymous said...

good point but question: is Nassau St. the real world? or are you just entering another bubble encircling the smaller bubble?