Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spin Cycle

Given that its the middle of midterms week its likely you're showing up to class in whatever is left clean with little attention to fashion. However, come the end of this week, you may realize that you have absolutely no clean clothing, and may not be willing to bring a whole suitcase of dirty
laundry. Luckily LaundryView is there to make the post midterms run on the washing machines run a little smoother.

The website displays the status of 8 laundry rooms on campus. This is the rendering of the Spelman laundry room. The site shows which washers and dryers are in operation, and how much time they have left in their cycle. Best of all, the digital washers and dryers simulate the true to life shake of a washer entering spin cycle.

In addition to answering your immediate questions about availability, the site also provides statistics over the past two weeks usage and will text message you when its time to dump all of your wet clothes into the dryer. Now, if only it could do something about folding.