Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bickering the West Wing

At the White House Bicker 2008 Election Returns Party at Whig-Clio, more than three-quarters of the hundreds of students present seem to be getting what they want: a victory for Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

As for the others, at least they get a free T-shirt, pizza, taco bell and (non-alcoholic) apple cider in consolation.

Chloe Bordewich '12 and Amina Igeh '12 said they came to Whig-Clio immediately after getting back from canvassing for the Obama campaign in Bucks County, Pa.

Both said that they are confident that Obama will secure victory. Igeh said “she’ll be overcome by a combination of exhaustion and joy later.”

Students of both major political affiliations share their belief in the gravity of this election. Simona Li '10 said she thinks “this is an awesome event” and “hope[s] it's something [she] can tell [her] grandkids about.”

Taylor Stewart-Cannon '12 also shared his view on the event.

“I’m definitely impressed by the turnout," he said. "It is more evidence our generation has taken ownership of our future."

- Contributor Raymond Brusca '12