Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shirley, you're so fine!

Guys in drag is a time-honored Princeton tradition, and I mean, who doesn't love those hairy manly legs kicking out from skimpy cheerleader skirts?

Professors who want to lecture, apparently.

Somehow, in four years of being at Princeton, I'd only witnessed the infamous kickline interrupt class once: Freshman year during Bogan's ECO 101. Professor Bogan took it all in stride, with a smile on her face, either because she genuinely enjoyed the performance, or because she's probably had her lecture interrupted so many times that it now fails to phase her. It probably helped that the industrious cheerleaders (or pom-pom girls, as they are called in French) changed their cheer to "Bogan you're so fine."

It was a fond memory, until today when Triangle finally managed to catch me again, this time in HIS 370, which has a very nice alliterative title I can never remember. Professor Colley took the intrusion with a lot less amusement and a lot more exasperation than Professor Bogan had, but not as badly as a student who protested that the interruption was "stupid and boring."

All in all, it could have been worse, and the class did erupt in laughter when after the would-be Rockettes had left, Professor Colley remarked that these were "the sorts of people who made 1914 possible."

Of course, WWI would probably have been a lot more fun and a lot less devastating if there had been more singing and kicking and less shooting and dying. It also probably wouldn't have lasted nearly as long if instead of gas masks and grenades soldiers had been issued skirts and pompoms.



Meg Byrne '10 said...

My Eco 101 class was interrupted by naked SAEs throwing starbursts... and I'm pretty sure one of them danced to Maneater next to Alan Blinder in a jock strap. I don't know about Professor Blinder, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

Bogan's definitely a Triangle fan, so I would count that as genuine enjoyment. And let's be honest, isn't Triangle doing the University a favor by waking up the students sleeping in the back of the room?