Monday, November 3, 2008

Meet the Freshman - Dan Strassfeld

The Prox will be featuring random freshmen we find on campus throughout the semester; this week, however, it's election edition meet the freshman! Our first freshman is Dan Strassfeld '12.
(The Prox is a big fan of candid photos)

Prox: Who did you/are you voting for in this election?
Dan: Obama.
Prox: Are you voting on campus or at home?
Dan: At home (Ohio)
Prox: Free associate: Maverick
Dan: [removed for propriety]
Prox: What's your favorite class this semester?
Dan: FRS 139 - The Ghetto as a Socio-Historical Problem

Tomorrow, the Prox tries to find a McCain supporter: Stay tuned!


Ash Ketchum said...

Is this like Pokemon Snap?