Thursday, November 13, 2008

Talking to G-d in the Bathroom

Spotted: Dialogue with G-d in the Bathroom
I've often heard the complaint that Princeton students aren't intellectual enough outside of the classroom, that we should strive to be like our peers at UChicago where intellectual conversations are carried over into bathrooms. Well, now we may be carrying the conversation to another level, like one clouds and clouds above.

Three sheets and a red mechanical pencil are tacked to the disability stall of a girl's Whitman College 1981 Hall bathroom. In large letters, it asks, "If you could ask G-d (assuming the existence) Any 1 yes or no question (and G-d would answer) What Would You ASK?"

It requests that students provide codenames, which have ranged from "Cat in the Hat" and "Power Ranger" to "1977 Alumnae". Questions raised include questioning the existence of Hell, point of life (which is not a yes or no question), whether G-d will forgive them, whether or not they will always be lonely, and if they will be successful in the future. Many of the questions suggest guilt and seeking forgiveness.

When I first saw this last month, I was skeptical. But the questions have reached well onto the last page and people seem to be responding and engaging, by answering each other's questions, pretending to be G-d?

In the neighboring stall, in fact, a similarly colorful poster was put up last week asking, probably based on the success of the first poster, "If you could give the gift of 1 day in the most Beautiful place on Earth with the person of your choosing to ANYONE: (and then on four seperate pieces of paper surrounding the stall, one question per page: Who would you give it to? Where do you think they would choose to go? Who would you choose to go with them? Why?)"

Whoever this mystery person is, thanks for bringing the dialogue to our bathrooms. It's kind of weird ... but whatever works. It's too bad the conversation excludes guys.

So, dear readers, "If you could ask G-d (assuming the existence of G-d) Any 1 yes or no question (and G-d would answer) What Would You ASK?"

--Tasnim Shamma '11


Meg Byrne '10 said...

When will I make it to the first quintile!!!?! Just kidding. I know the answer to this already.

Martha Vega said...

I'm not really sure what I find more amazing: that no one has stolen the mechanical pencil, or that people would actually use a pencil in a public bathroom stall.

The irony of the contradiction is not lost on me.

bhavani said...

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