Saturday, November 15, 2008

You have got to be kidding me!

Ah yes, who doesn't love the late-night fire alarms? The blaring sirens, the scurrying to find your keys, the possibility that everything you own may go up in flames...

Now, normally a fire alarm is nothing newsworthy.

But two?

In one night?


More pictures of stranded Whitmanites after the jump.

It was dark...

Interestingly, it seems that fire drills are not scheduled at night, which means that the night alarms aren't planned. Interestingly, also, during scheduled drills apparently Public Safety shepherds people away from the dorm, not so when the alarm is real. Um, is it me, or is something wrong with that set-up?


Anonymous said...

That doesn't compare to when there was an arsonist in Butler my Freshman year. There were fire alarms -- albeit totally justified -- every night!

Meg Byrne '10 said...

I would also like to mention that a few days ago, in broad daylight, I was almost hit by a public safety car on Elm Drive near Dillon. And then the officer had the nerve to stop, roll down his window, yell at me for crossing a street while listening to my iPod, and demand an apology...public safety or public nuisance?