Sunday, November 2, 2008

Figures of Speech: One Last Election Panel Edition

The One You Can’t Miss
I know, I know. The 2008 presidential election has stretched on for well over a year. But here’s one final election panel worth hearing. It’s "Election ’08: The Aftermath" at 4:30 on Wednesday (that’s the day after Election Day) in 101 Friend Center. After all, the panelists are Wilson School Dean Anne-Marie Slaughter, Prof. Eddie Glaude, and Prof. Julian Zelizer. As if that’s not enough, Prof. Cornel West is also a panelist.

Split Decision
If this isn’t your scene, then there must be something wrong with your brain. Or maybe you’d prefer to go to “Ethics in Neuroscience: Lessons from Lobotomy” in 23 Robertson. It features Mariko Nakano of UCLA, Prof. Gross of Princeton’s Psychology Department, and Prof. Peter Singer of the University Center for Human Values.
And because when it rains it pours, also on Wednesday at 4:30 there’s a lecture entitled “The Coming Oil Supply Crunch” given by Paul Stevens of London’s famous Chatham House.

Also on the docket is “Empty Churches, Full Tents” at 8 on Monday in McCosh 10. It’s the first of three lectures from Ian Buruma of Bard College on “religion and democracy on three continents.”
Finally, on Thursday at 4:30 in East Pyne 10, there’s “Law and Economics: Enemy or Friend of Classical Liberalism?” The speaker is Michael Krauss of George Mason University Law School.