Sunday, September 19, 2010

100% Sundress Participation

Princeton students may not always master the fine art of precept participation, but sundress participation for Lawnparties is an entirely different story. You will not find a person on the Street today (male, female or otherwise) caught without their sundress problem set. To the innocent passerby, Lawnparties may appear to be some sort of country club circus, but in reality, it is just that.

Recipe for a successful Lawnparties experience:

Wake up in the morning feeling like a USG-elect

I put my prox in my Vera, gonna hit Prospect

When I leave brush my teeth with a mimosa mix

Because when I leave for the morning I’ll have my –OH fix.

I'm talkin' BOB on the QUAD QUAD

Ditchin' my iPOD POD

Checkin' out my hot BOD BOD

Aint goin till the sun comes down down

Till the bouncers want to frown frown


See ya out there tigers!

-The Blogstress


Anonymous said...

Party 'till your head's in a FOG FOG...
Then write about it in your BLOG BLOG...

Anonymous said...

I love you Blogstress!