Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is Jane Still in the Game? ANTM

By Morgan Jerkins '14

On Episode 4 of America’s Next Top Model, featuring Jane Randall ’12, the contestants must pose on a rollercoaster, exemplifying an emotion instructed by J. Alexander and Nigel Barker. Randall’s emotion was “melancholy”. Even though Randall mastered the stretched lips and tense face, Nigel expected a more believably, melancholic countenance. However, he did note that she did look beautiful.

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Next, Matthew Rolston, a famous photographer who the legendary Andy Warhol discovered, created a mermaid photo shoot. The models, costumed as mermaids, were photographed while fully submerged in water.
At deliberation, Andre Leon Talley called Randall’s photos “generic” and Rolston labeled them “not that memorable.” Randall’s face gradually became more and more downtrodden and pessimistic as each girl was called as still being in the running for ANTM. But chin up, Jane, because Rhianna, the girl whose reputation of having the same look, was sent packing. So we all still have a reason for watching the show, at least for one more week. Keep it up, girl, and remember to show that tiger ferocity.