Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When the Ants Come Marching in...to my Onion Ring...

Having your first class of the day at 2:30 PM is a beautiful thing. Especially when this class is the EC you're PDF-ing and not the MOL 345 upon which the future of your potential children depends. But 2:30 is such a time when you'd reconsider the walk to Cloister in favor of using one of your two senior weekly swipes at the brandy new Wilcox/Wu state of the art eating facility.

As an OA leader, I understand that there are times when the ants come marching in, and there are also times when you come marching in on them. So I will try to be tolerant and explain away awkward inter-species dining experiences. Naturally, as it is the beginning of a new academic year, the Jewish calendar year, and another Marshall Mathers regime, the ants were actually blessing my onion rings with their best wishes for a happy, healthy new year. And now they'll disappear.

Or perhaps my dining experience constituted atonement for all the insects I must have crushed during the week of hiking with the frosh?

But today just looked so fortuitous. Perhaps Labyrinth called in a favor with Princeton's 6 legged community. But the real take-home message: Once you swipe, there's no unswiping.

I am not claiming that none of the eating clubs have ever played host to arthropods. But just in my humble span of experiences, I've dined with less creepy crawlers and waited on less lines on the Street than in any of the dining halls. I also have never had several head on collisions with roast suckling pigs dressed for luaus or pirate parties. On the other hand, insects are a fantastic source of protein!

-The Blogstress