Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Physicists Throw Beauty Pageant

The physicists at the U. are some of the most decorated around, but physical attractiveness is rarely one of the judging categories. Now physics students will put beauty before brains and nominate who they believe is the most attractive physicist. On the Physics and Physicists blog, author ZapperZ writes, "I want to have a contest where we nominate the physicist who we think is attractive, and then we all vote on them! How much fun is that? :)"

We will find out exactly how much fun this is on September 15th when final nominations are due. So if you hear a mass wailing from Jadwin anytime soon, be comforted that the supercollider is fine. It is just the egos of our physicists that may have undergone fateful collisions. The department is putting the final touches on the mechanism to stop Jadwin from flooding from all the tears of both joy and despair expected upon the release of the results. So stay tuned!

The Blogstress