Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let's Talk Sex People Want Love Too

By Ashwath Rabindranath '13

Despite only showing up for the free Indian food, I had an entertaining time at Let's Talk Sex's panel on defining sex at Campus Club Tuesday night. Three student panelists spoke each for a couple of minutes on how their experiences in life have helped them better define their views on sex. Mildly interesting though their stories might have been, all three speakers all ended on the same note of wanting more emotional intimacy in their sex/personal lives ... hardly the intelligent debate that the group claims to prize.

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I snagged another piece of naan before we were divided into discussion groups to talk about some questions relating to defining sex. The lack of novelty seemed unstoppable as we proceeded to ask the profound question of who has sex and when the boundaries of sex become unclear.

A more amusing discussion on the difference between second and third base ensued. The use of the word 'slut' was also a serious topic of non-discussion. At this point I was certain that not only had I crashed a teenage girl's slumber party, but I was enjoying myself!

Upshot: Highly entertaining but completely lacking in depth. This event was an opportunity for people to complain about the subtleties involved in using the word 'hookup'. It failed to make any serious and novel points. Perhaps the only saving grace was the well-chosen Indian food. Masala Grill over Mehek any day!


Anonymous said...

I think this is a rather harsh review of the event - some discussion is better than none and you really get out what you put in. Additionally, it was hardly a "teenage girl slumber party" (though I wouldn't be opposed if it was haha).