Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beer Blog Part 3: 15, 10

In the tradition of elitism, the 15th is barring all who do not possess a 15th reunion wristband. My friend and I were turned away quickly alas.

However, the 10th reunion was a little better. The beer was rather dismal, just Rolling Rock, Bud, and other variations of American watery beer. The line was also long. But I was regaled by some 10th reunioners who tried to earn street cred by saying they had been living in Princeton for a while. This strategy is not advisable.

The little redeeming quality are the 10th reunion beer tumblers: "Going Back to Bowl Nassau." Although they make no sense, the bowling balls and attempt at humor are cute.

Finally my friend and I took refuge in the Prince office from where I am typing this. No guarantees of meticulous details of the 5th reunion, but I will try.