Friday, May 30, 2008

Beer Blog, Part I: 20th, 25th, 35th

Our night started with stops at the 20th, 35th, and 25th reunions, respectively.
After passing a crowded 40th without stopping, my friend and I ventured to the 35th reunion in the nook between Brown and Cuyler. Perhaps because the location is on a slant, it was sparsely populated. Happily, more alcohol for us. They are serving Merlot, Chardonnay, and Yeungling. The Chardonnay was delish. There was a live band but only one person dancing awkwardly. Apparently for us Princeton undergrads, dance skills do not improve with age.

Next, it was on to the 20th in front of Dodge-Osborne. Things picked up here despite the lack of a dance floor. Unfortunately, they only served Yeungling and Yeungling Light to non-88's. I had a Yeungling Light, which tasted like a Miller Lite. For 88's, however, they had wine and vodka with (I presume) appropriate mixers.

Our third stop found us at the 25th reunion in the beloved Whitman courtyard. Clearly, Princeton gives its best to the most significant reunion. Indeed, the floor of the beer tent reminded me of the TI taproom on a typical Saturday. My flipflops stuck to the ground. Fortunately, it was worth the trek. For my efforts, I scored a Stella Artois. They also have a nearly full bar plus wine. The line is a little long though. But many undergrads must have foreseen the riches of the 25th since many are here. A bonus is the coffee bar off to the side, near the Whitman library (from where I am typing this).

Stay tuned for our next adventures...Get excited for the 5th and the 10th.


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