Friday, May 30, 2008

Beer Blog, Part 2: 40, 45, 50

The middle part of our evening took place in the upper part of campus at the 40th, 50th, and 45th reunions, respectively.

As we hiked to the 40th (Dod Courtyard), we passed an ambulance at the 35th where apparently a woman fell and needed help for her leg. The 40th had much dancing, but the beer was weak. The specialty was Heineken. They also had Bud on tap. At the 40th, I learned about the Nassau 13, a version of the Prospect 10 but with Reunions for the 5th through 55th. (The 13th Reunion being the Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni).

Next, it was on to the 50th reunion in the Mathey Courtyard. Despite the delicious cocktails of last night, tonight was a disappointment since they were only serving to 50th reunion wristband wearers. The swing/big band music could be tantalizing to some.

The 45th Reunion outside of Holder was quiet as well. But the hike all the way up campus is well worth the fantastic Belgian beer on tap. Unfortunately, my aversion to languages has hindered my ability to remember the specific name. Though this one tastes more like Blue Moon than Hoegaarden and nothing like Stella. Rolling Rock was also served.

If I make it out to the 5th and 10th without any delays, those posts will be coming up soon...