Saturday, May 31, 2008

P-Rade Party

Alumni from the classes of 1925 to 2007 joined the Class of 2008 in the P-Rade this afternoon as they marched down campus. The Class of 1983 led off the parade accompanied by drummers. A Class of 1938 Volvo and convertible processed along with a striped VW bug.

The old guard, especially Class of 1938, which celebrated its 70th Reunion showed up in force. One of the marchers for the Class of 1948 was marching in his 61st-consecutive P-Rade celebration.

Perhaps one of the most active years was the 45th Reunion Class of 1963, which used an Elvis theme to liven up its traditional jackets. With gold capes and sunglasses, class members paraded along with gold carts that blasted some of the King's hits.

The P-Rade also featured two unicyclists and 16 dogs who joined the procession, two of whom wore their own reunions costume, tiger leotards. An orange-and-black 1915 Model T processed with the Class of 1928.

While the classes between 1988 and 1998 were more sedate, perhaps accounting for the many young future Princetonians who joined their parents, as years approached 2008, the alumni become more and more excited.

The P-Rade wrapped up at 5:45, and despite the earlier concerns, the weather held.