Saturday, May 3, 2008

What's it like to be an admissions officer?

Well, it turns out that admissions officers LOVE their job! Over 75% of those surveyed were either "mostly" or "extremely" satisfied with their jobs. The only reason given was that, if you're in the admissions business, people schmooze up to you at dinner parties, trying to get the inside scoop on getting in. No mention of the heady rush of power that comes of holding in one's hands every child's hopes and dreams, their very futures and their fragile, fragile egos. Odd.

Of course, it's not for everyone. There are the 75%, and then there are those that quit after a few years, sick of working 50 hours a week, traveling constantly to high schools across the country (globe?), and never getting a break in the Sisyphusian cycle of recruiting and then reviewing applications and then organizing events for the accepted students and then back to recruiting again. Oh, and plus it looks like we're almost out of college applicants, so that kind of sucks too.

Don't worry, valiant admissions warriors, we feel for you! Well, expect no sympathy from the ones who landed in the reject pile, but the rest of us are all here for you!