Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beer Blog 2B: Things to be Wary Of

Remember what I said about the 45th's amazing Belgian beers? Apparently, you need to deal with slightly more than just the inconvenience of walking to Holder to score one of these drinks. If you're an undergrad woman, you must also deal with overly friendly 60-somethings.

They simply come out of the nowhere, introducing themselves to you, forcing you to shake their hand. At first, their intentions seem genuine. Perhaps they are simply trying to be friendly, maybe hooking you up with a toolish connection.

But then you realize their intentions are focused elsewhere when they start complimenting you on physical traits you may or may not have and introduce you to the lacrosse players manning the bar to insure that you may lead a fulfilling life. If my idea of happiness included lacrosse players, this may have been a very rewarding experience indeed. Alas, I don't trust 63-year-olds' tastes in men, so this was an unsatisfying proposition.

On to the 5th and 10th it is.