Monday, May 5, 2008

If the Admissions Office did its job, we're all DOOMED!

According to the New York Times, learning is deadly.

Finally, a good excuse to put off studying for finals. When those lovely C’s start rolling in, you can just tell Mom and Dad (if they still care about your grades), that at least you’ll live longer and healthier than the schmucks with the 4.0 GPAs. I’m sure Goldman and Merrill and Lehman will all be delighted to hear about how you optimized your resources by not learning. Apparently, learning is so costly that “humans’ oversize brains require 20 percent of all the calories burned at rest.”

Except, of course if they’re smart, your parents or your interviewers will read to the end of the article, only to be told that what may be true for fruit flies probably isn’t true for humans: “ ‘If you’re using your intelligence to outsmart your group, then there’s an arms race,’ Dr. Kawecki said. ‘So there’s no absolute optimal level. You just have to be smarter than the others.’” Cue the hyper-competitive toolishness which got us all here in the first place.