Sunday, May 11, 2008


The other day, I went into the new U-Store on Nassau and made a discovery: they are now selling residential college T-shirts (including one for the Grad Student College). This, right after the barrista at Starbucks asked me if “Butler College” was around these here parts. (I swear, that happens to me way too often; and then of course, I have to explain to the person that Butler College is part of Princeton University—No one’s ever heard of Butler College. Princeton, on the other hand…)

But, in addition to the question of buying a less-prestigious-looking T-shirt, I have to wonder, why in the world anyone would buy a Whitman College T-shirt, when we have so many branded products for free. (Same goes for the other colleges, though of course, to a lesser extent.)

Look at all the things Whitman College has given out:

  • Dorm T-Shirts

  • Sweatshirts

  • Baseball Caps

  • Stadium seats

  • Sweatpants

  • Towels (My understanding is that there were actually two types of towels)

And I’m sure there were plenty of other things which I missed. I mean, they even had Whitman cookies...

The point is, unless they’re selling Whitman footwear, I’m really not interested. Though the darling people in the College Office, please take note: Next, please, please, pretty please give us Whitman flip-flops. It’s all I need to complete My Whitman outfit!

But seriously, is anyone actually planning on buying the residential college T-shirts? Has anyone done so already?


Anonymous said...

You forgot the Whitman seat cushions! =P