Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Wilson lions are crying tears of blood

Either that or someone has just painted their eyes red. Go see (and send me a picture, if you'd be so kind).

Don't worry, though: they've suffered and survived greater indignities in the past. About a hundred years ago, while Wilson was still President of the university, one of the lions was actually beheaded. Poor Wilson, since it was his class (the article says '79, but of course that's 1879) that gifted the university with the late golden feline.

The class of 1879 originally put the lions in front of Nassau Hall, by the way. Their journey is actually quite a romantic story. When tigers took over the position of mascot, they also took the lions' place in front of Nassau Hall. The lions were placed in front of 1879 Hall - then they disappeared. Bud Wynne '39 noticed that they were missing, searched them out with a flashlight, and eventually found them in some dusty basement somewhere. Ten years ago, they were reinstated in front of Wilson College, and there they still stand today.

Now with their eyes gouged out.


08 said...

I think they're crying tears of blood because they feel so bad for the wilson students not getting compensated for having to each elsewhere this weekend.