Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cake stolen from Fine Hall!

Coming in to The Prox HQ this evening, an SOS e-mail from the Math department's resident "tea lady." It appears there has been an instance of theft from Fine Hall. No word on whether Public Safety was contacted or if an investigation is underway. See below for an e-mail sent to the department. Please contact the Prox with any information you may have abou the identity of the thief.

Dear all,

I am very sorry to send a plenary message, but something which really upsets me -- to use a euphemism -- happened this morning.

Yesterday I brought a cake I made for Prof. XXXX and I put it in the fridge in the common room with the following message on it:

touch it only if you want to die suddenly and of a very cruel and painful death.
With love,
--your tea lady--

Nonetheless today a 1/4 of cake was missing. Now I really wonder: which part of this message was unclear? I will assume that everybody in this department can read and understand the local language. I would also like to assume that the problem is not in the easy syllogism "hidden" behind the message:

this cake belongs to Prof. XXXX
I am NOT Prof. XXXX
this cake does not belong to me

There are other two possibilities coming up to my mind:
1) That criminal mind who stole part of the cake and I do not share the same concept of "property";
2) That person has been very disrespectful and rude.

Hoping this is not going to happen anymore,

P.s. At least let me have your feedback! How did you like it? You can leave an anonymous message of the Espresso machine. There won't be camcorders pointed on you.


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maybe professor XXXX took it? please submit this to !

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Oh Elisa, how you are missed!