Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On Colbert, Kirn '83 speaks truthiness to Princeton

Walter Kirn '83, author of the new book Lost in the Meritocracy spoke last night on The Colbert Report with the Class of 2008 Class Day speaker Stephen Colbert. Kirn believes that Ivy League institutions like Princeton are not properly preparing students for the world.

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Walter Kirn
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Steven said...

I mean, i guess the guy makes some good points, but when pressed to say what he wanted an ivy league education to provide he couldn't really list anything substantive (or at least, anything that it doesn't already offer)... I mean, i think most people at princeton know the difference between sunni and shia, and between iran and Iraq. And why the hell do i need to know how to fix an internal combustion engine? Leave that the the engineers, i'm an econ major...

Anonymous said...

You think most undergrads know the difference between sunni and shia? ha!