Wednesday, May 6, 2009

U. to offer textbooks on Kindle

The University will begin offering Kindle editions of its textbooks starting in the fall semester, several media outlets are reporting. An official announcement is expected Wednesday morning in New York., creator of The Kindle and run by Jeff Bezos ’86, is expected to announce a new version of its device with a larger screen and other features specifically geared toward academic textbooks as well as newspapers and magazines.

Princeton is one of six schools – along with Pace University, Case Western Reserve University, Reed College, Arizona State University and the Darden School at the University of Virginia – taking part in a “pilot program” where Amazon will dole out Kindles to participants in three courses, according to, so they can download their course textbooks on the devices.

Aside from replacing a backpack full of textbooks with a single gadget weighing, oh…10 ounces, the Kindle will allow students to highlight portions of the text, make notes in the margins and even search for specific words or passages within a given book.


Anonymous said...

wait, all of the class of 2013 is being given a kindle next fall?

Anonymous said...

According to the OIT announcement on the topic, only those taking "a small number of classes" will receive the devices. I don't know where the person who posted this got the idea that all freshmen would receive one.