Monday, May 11, 2009

Waitlisted No Longer

This admissions season, the New York Times has run a blog called "The Choice" which has included a series following high school seniors as they applied to schools and were accepted or rejected. One such student, Beth Zak-Cohen applied to Princeton and was put on the wait list. After examining all her acceptances, she decided to attend Rutgers, primarily for economic reasons.

She, however, is now one of 3.5% of the students on the University's waitlist who recently received offers of acceptance to Princeton. Read about her decision here.


others said...

not to mention the 30 others who received offers off the waitlist

Anonymous said...

beth! oh yeah she was in the facebook group with us :)
I don't mean this in a "yay she turned Princeton down so maybe I have a small small chance" way, but congratulations on making the right choice for YOU. I'm sure you'll succeed at Rutgers!

Anonymous said...

this post is misleading and poorly written. From her post, it would seem that Beth will most likely be accepting Princeton and is not headed for Rutgers.